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Ephemeris Library

A few years ago, I discovered that there were no readily-available C libraries for using solar-system ephemerides and reducing to observing coordinates such as right ascension and declination. (An ephemeris (pl., ephemerides) is a table of positions of heavenly bodies, such as planets, at a series of discrete times, from which one precisely can interpolate their position at any given time.) My solution was to take some ancient but accurate code and transform it into a full-fledged C library (with python bindings included). The library is called aephem and can be downloaded here.

I try and keep this library somewhat up-to-date, and am slowly adding new features. See the aephem website for more information or to download it.

Creation ex Nihilo

I have been collaborating with a group of theologians on a project exploring the doctrine of creation from nothing (CEN) in the light of modern research. My own role has been to articulate the state of contemporary physical cosmology to give context to the metaphysical claims of CEN. In addition to attending to the results of natural science, the project also seeks to integrate modern progress in Biblical studies, patristics, Jewish scholarship and systematic theology. Most recently there was a conference at Notre Dame University on the subject.